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"Clicking with our Clients always Comes First."




David Robbins, Photographer

David Robbins, Photographer

Dave Robbins, NYC Wedding Photographer

Dave has photographed the weddings of notables like Christina Hendricks, Ellie Kemper and Piper Perabo, who sought him out for his one-of-a-kind brand of visual storytelling.  Renowned for unique ability in finding beautiful nuance, Dave is one of the most sought after wedding photographers in the world.

Passionate about his craft yet relaxed in his approach, Dave prides himself in his innate ability to put clients at ease. 

"When a subject is totally comfortable, they feel free to be themselves.  What results from this is the beauty of authenticity".     

Dave's passion for documenting the world around him was sparked in college after he was gifted a collection of old film cameras by his grandfather. He learned his trade by taking to the streets of New York, camera in hand, scouring the city looking for interesting faces, curious scenarios and inexplicable juxtapositions.  The city was a wonderland of photographic possibilities and he could not get enough.

Making the transition to documenting weddings was seamless for him. 

"Every wedding comes with a brand new cast of characters, emotions and personalities to explore. Finding the moments where these elements intersect to tell a unique story is what makes my job so challenging. Capturing these decisive moments in a beautiful way is what makes it so fulfilling." 

Dave is extremely proud to know that his elegant, impactful and often humorous photography is enjoyed by the hundreds of couples who have commissioned him to document their story over the years. 

Dave has been photographing weddings since 2005.




Nelson Diaz, Associate Photographer Extraordinaire

Nelson learned his craft by studying the iconic documentary and photojournalistic photographers of the mid 20th century.  His love of storytelling through photographs and finding the beauty of a moment has made nelson an incredible wedding photojournalist.  

"For me, there is nothing as satisfying as capturing a moment that speaks to who my client is.  it's more than just the luck of being in the right place at the right time.  it's about anticipating and knowing who your subject is.  These defining moments come in the form of a glance, a smile, a posture, an unspoken word.  They are often subtle but once you identify them, they are priceless".  

Nelson has been with Dave Robbins Photography since 2010.