5 Reasons Why Wedding Albums Are Worth It

Each vendor you choose in your wedding planning process is important to the overall outcome of your event. But most of what makes a wedding unique and memorable is ephemeral: the dress is worn for hours, the food is eaten, the flowers fade. Your photos, however, can be viewed time and again. How do you showcase them?

As with all your vendors, you take time to hire the right photographer to capture your day. While you will have digital copies of your photos, I suggest you get an album. Here’s why:

  1. An album is tangible. A solid, high-quality art book that will sit amongst your decor – one that you can look at and share for years to come.
  2. An album is the story of your wedding, designed and produced by the professional you’ve hired. Remember: a photographer is a visual artist. A trained editorial eye can select the right photos, layout, and sequence to produce an album that is lasting thing of beauty. Online album creation tools (which are great for family albums and gifts) can’t compare.
  3. An album that only lives online or on a drive will likely be forgotten. How often will guests just happen to peruse your Ipad? Or will you? The experience is simply not the same.
  4. A wedding album is an heirloom; one that your children and grandchildren can experience and see the story they are now a part of.
  5. An album is a beautiful way to reconnect. Imagine: it’s your anniversary (or maybe just a Tuesday). You put on music, pour a drink, sit down with your spouse, and turn the pages together. What a meaningful way to relive each moment.

Even if you have every intention of creating an album yourself down the road, life has a tendency to get in the way. This is a simple gift you can gift yourself – one you will cherish for the rest of your lives together.